Tuesday, December 30, 2014

LETTER - To Andrew Davies from Dave Lincoln, Feb. 25, 1997

TO: GP Communications -WASH DC

ATTN: Andrew Davies
Tim Andrews

FROM: David Lincoln
GP - Boston -Fisheries

CC: Niaz Dorry
Tom Barnes

FEB 25, 1997
RE: Index of Anti-Environment Propaganda

Yesterday I accessed a web-site with links to about 500 anti-Greenpeace and anti-environment web sites Niaz Dorry thought you should be aware of.
When I attended the Magnus Gudmundsson film presentation of "Reclaiming Paradise?" last week at UMASS Dartmouth, I acquired a newsletter for the Alliance for America. This propaganda sheet listed a website for further information. When I accessed the website Home Page I linked to the AFA Website Index. The index contained a 23 page list of documents itemized by issue. I am faxing you a few samples of the Anti- fisheries campaign which Magnus has posted on the web, but many of the other the environmental issues Forestry, Land and Bio-Diversity are indexed as well. I hope this information will be of use to you.


Dave Lincoln