Our most basic 'tool' is our book, Your Personal Emergency Guide for Toxic Waste EventsAt present, the Guide is available through Amazon as an E-Book.  A print version will be available soon.

Our contacts with edge technology, law, health resources, data bases, and building alternatives allow us to identify solutions.  We work with local government to facilitate alterations in building codes and use informational resources and the media to inform and educate the public.  

Our tools work.  One of these is the Common Trust, which ensures each individual receives due compensation, allowing them to limit the health impact and move on with their lives in a supportive community.  

Most people want to see the right thing done by their neighbors.  So do we.  

We are using a Qualified Settlement Trust (468B), to organize and strengthen our negotiating position, allowing for a negotiated settlement which will act in the best interests of ALL PARTIES.  This provides transparency, with direct court supervision, allowing for costs to be paid before final settlement and, finally, provides individual flexibility within an umbrella trust.  

For more answers, go to this site. 

Qualified Settlement Funds: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

Our Solution Impacted Residents

MayFlower, Arkansas faced some significant problems.  These were, for the most part, ignored.  Residents continue to struggle in the aftermath, despite what you see in the media. To assure the best outcome for the   health and well being of those impacted it is essential the response be rapid.

Immediate Needs are:

Need to immediately relocate - The land which is impacted requires remediation immediately. 

The Polluter has an obligation to pay for these costs.

Temporary housing is nearly always required.  But since remediation of the land will take time new homes must be built. In our plan, this will be similar, but upgraded for all residents, either owners or renters.  

Residents who owned, and rented out their properties, should be compensated at the value of the homes before the spill took place.  

Residents impacted will be facing health complications and their stress should be limited.  The homes which can be provided will lower their costs and ease them through several difficult years.  

Our Solution for Clean-Up 

We work with a company which approaches the problem of clean up with a low cost, but highly efficient technique for growing enzymes which eat the offending materials and leave clean, fertile land, as they die off.  This technology is presently in use, through our partner, in Vietnam.